Snow Covered Boldt Castle



A highly detailed miniature model of Boldt Castle which is located in Alexandria Bay, NY in the 1000 Islands Region of N.Y. State.

The Multi-Color version of this piece takes 10 hours of machine to 3D Print..

Each castle comes with a removable “Boldt Castle” sign as well as an adapter that lets you hang the piece as an ornament.

The Main Castle attaches to the base via magnets. In the future I hope to create a more realistic base that resembles the actual island and has spots for the other structures there to snap into. If that happens you will be able to purchase the new base and easily snap your castle piece into its position.

Castle (Width, Length, Height)  (3.14Inches x 3.14 Inches x2.16 Inches) or (80MM x 80MM x55MM)
Decorative Base (Diameter, Height)  (4.73 Inches x 1.38 Inches) or (120MM x 35MM)

Our miniatures are created using finely tuned 3D printers, enabling us to replicate intricate geometries with exceptional detail using a lightweight, durable plastic called PLA, commonly used in 3D printing technology. Please note that 3D printed parts will never be 100% perfect. There will be tiny imperfections, and each piece will be slightly different upon close examination. However, nothing leaves my shop without my seal of approval and I feel like these look much better in person than they do in the photos. I am very pleased with them.

In terms of part strength and heat tolerances, although reasonably strong, small features like the chimneys can be broken off if enough force is applied or if the piece is dropped on a hard surface. I test this here at the shop by deliberately trying to break the pieces. They are quite tough unless mishandled.

Please understand that these are meant to be display pieces and are not intended to be used as toys. You will also need to keep these pieces away from hot environments. This means you should not place them anywhere where the temperature could reach 100°F/38°C or higher. I will take care of anything that is damaged during shipping, but I will not replace pieces broken after that. You have 24 hours from the package’s arrival to inspect the item and report any shipping damage, as well as provide photos.

Please note that these items are 3D printed on demand. For multi-color prints, it may take anywhere from one to three weeks to fulfill your order, depending on the number of orders ahead of yours. These prints require a significant amount of machine time to complete. If you have a specific time frame in mind, please contact me, and I can provide you with an estimated timeline based on your specific order.

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Castle With Decorative Base, Castle Only


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